Projects of the 1st phase (2016-2019)

Project titlePrincipal InvestigatorsAcronymSPP Research Area
Unraveling the signals of sea level and storminess of the past millennium (southern North Sea)Betzler (UHH), Jungclaus (MPI), Lindhorst (UHH), Mikolajewicz (MPI), Milker (Uni Leipzig), Schmiedl (UHH)SEASTORMA
Causes of Decadal to Centennial Regional Sea Level VariationsJungclaus (MPI-M), Stammer (UHH), Köhl (UHH)DECVARA
Global sea level change since the Mid Holocene: Background trends and climate-ice sheet feedbacksKleiner (AWI), Krebs-Kanzow (AWI), Sidorenko (AWI)SLOSHA
Holocene sea level changes in Southeast AsiaRovere (MARUM/ZMT), Westphal (ZMT-Bremen), Mann (ZMT-Bremen), Schöne (GFZ)SEASchangeA
Predictability and Attribution of Regional Sea Level Change Caused by Glacier Mass ChangeMarzeion (Uni-Bremen)

PARSL-Glac *

A stochastic estimate of sea level contribution from glaciers and ice caps using satellite remote sensingM. H. Braun (Uni-Erlangen)SATELLITE *A
Reconciling ocean mass change and GIA from satellite gravity and altimetryHorwath (TU Dresden), Kusche (IGG Uni-Bonn)OMCG *A
Response of Arctic sea level and hydrography to hydrological regime change over boreal catchmentsLosch (AWI), Tourian (GIS, Uni-Stuttgart), Sneeuw (GIS, Uni-Stuttgart), Rabe (AWI)RASLyBoCa *A
Ocean impact on Greenlands 79°N-GlacierKanzow (AWI), Timmermann (AWI)OGreen79 *A/B
Estimates of basal melt water from Greenland: a driver for sea level changesRhein (IUP-MARUM)Labsea Melt *A/B
Coastal and Regional Sea Level Change and Subsidence - The Hazardous Potential in Indonesia and South East AsiaSchöne (GFZ Potsdam)CoRSEAA/B
Regional sea level changes in the marginal seas of southeast Asia: Mechanisms and projections of possible 21st-century trendsBöning (GEOMAR)IndoArchipelB
Morphodynamic response of the Wadden Sea to climate changeBurchard (IOW)MOREWACCB
WAddensea Morphodynamic Marsh models Nolte (UHH), K. Jensen (UHH)WAMMB
Extreme sea-level events along South-East Asian coast: past, present and futureZorita (HZG), Hünicke (HZG), Feser (HZG)Asia-FloodsB
Storm surges, sea-level rise and adaptation responses at the German Baltic Sea coastHinkel (GCF Berlin), J. Jensen (Uni-Siegen), Vafeidis (Uni-Kiel)SEASCApe BalticB/C
Groundwater salinisation following sea level rise as a societal challenge of climate adaptation - The case of North-Western GermanyMassmann (Uni-Oldenburg), Siebenhüner (Uni-Oldenburg)SALTSAB/C
Dealing with change in SIDS: societal action and political reaction in sea level change adaptation in Small Island Developing StatesRatter (UHH), Rehdanz (Uni-Kiel), Schlurmann (Uni-Hannover)DICESB/C
Building adaptive capacity through translocal social capital: Sea level rise and resilience of coastal communities and households in IndonesiaB. Braun (Uni-Köln)TRANSOCAPC
Epistemic Mobilities and the Governance of Environmental Risks in Island Southeast AsiaHornidge (ZMT & Uni-Bremen), Flitner (Uni-Bremen)EMERSAC
Coordination FundsStammer (UHH)  



WP A analyzes the mechanisms of sea level variability, focusing primarily on processes leading to spatially highly inhomogeneous patterns of regional seal level change on time scales of up to 50 years.

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WP B is concerned with the establishment of a scientific basis for obtaining reliable local projections of sea level trends. It contributes towards improved quantitative and detailed (high-resolution and high-end) estimates of future coastal sea level changes in the two study regions.

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WP C performs an integrated analysis of sea level change and human-environment interactions in the selected study regions, aiming to identify sea level stressors, coastal impacts, adaption pathways and policies for the studied regions.

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