2020 Social Coast Forum - ​Social Science for Coastal Decision-Making

3-6 February 2020, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

About the forum

Understanding people—where they live, what they do, what they value—is an important part of successful coastal management. Participate in the fifth biennial Social Coast Forum to explore how social science tools and methods are being used to address the nation’s coastal issues. The forum will take place 3-6 February 2020 at Charleston, South Carolina.

The first four forums were standing-room-only events that focused on the application and integration of social science in coastal decision-making. Participants discussed the use of social science tools, data, and methods to address issues such as climate change, land use planning, ecosystem services, and human uses of the oceans.

High interest and strong demand for this meeting indicates the relevance of using and integrating social science in coastal management decision-making. In their evaluations, three-quarters of participants strongly agreed that they gained knowledge and skills from the forum that they could apply to their jobs.

Online registration will become available in November. If you want to be added to the mailing list for the forum, contact kennie@nerra.org.

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