Download the SPP-1889 SeaLevel Graphic Recording!


A visual facilitation to communicate the interdisciplinarity of the SPP SeaLevel Program and the complex topic of sea level research!

In this year Status Seminar and Kick-Off Meeting for the 2nd phase of the program which took place in Bonn on 11-13 February 2020, the SPP SeaLevel Coordination Office brought forward another innovative Outreach expression in communicating the interdisciplinary character and diversity of sea level research occurring within the SPP SeaLevel program, by connecting science and art together! The Graphic Recording image, as seen in Figure 1, facilitates an illustrative visual summary of the entire meeting, while presenting all different projects from both phases, and communicating the complexity of sea level research and the interdisciplinarity of the SPP program itself in an easy-received way to a range of different audiences and ages.

The Graphic Recording was produced by the artist Ms. Birgit Jansen (Bikablo company) who also joined the Annual Meeting, and by following the scientific presentations and discussions of all projects but also interviewing the scientists themselves, she  simultaneously illustrated graphically the science involved within the SPP SeaLevel program on a 3-m poster.

The graphic recording summarizes both phases of the SPP-SeaLevel program, capturing in a brief and simple, approachable way its structure and interdisciplinary character but also providing an overview of the different components needed to be accounted for and brought together in order to more comprehensively approach and address the sea level change issue, its range of societal impacts, adaptation/mitigation pathways and implementations, etc.

As a following step, the graphic recording will be available for display to other future SPP SeaLevel events and workshops, meetings, university affairs and open days, and other public and school events related to climate change and sea-level rise, to provide an alternative and more effective after all way to further communicate the SPP SeaLevel research to different audiences and ages. All partner projects and institutions but also interested members from schools and public affrairs that would like to display the SPP SeaLevel Graphic Recording to their events are welcome to contact the SPP SeaLevel Coordination Office.

You can download an electronic copy of the SPP-1889 SeaLevel Graphic Recording 2020 here, and zoom in parts of it here: image 1, image 2, image 3, image 4, image 5.