The world needs Science and Science needs Women! SPP SeaLevel participating at Girls' Day

28 March 2019, Hamburg

Impressions from the SPP SeaLevel presentation at the Girls' Day event held in the University Hamburg on 28th March 2019.

This year the Girls’ Day in Hamburg took place on 28th March and SPP-1889 SeaLevel benefited the opportunity to engage with and inspire the young females with career options through examples of the vast range of disciplines involved in the SeaLevel program!

Ms Dorothea Bunzel (Institute for Geology, University Hamburg), currently doing her PhD within the SPP SEASTORM project, and Dr. Eleni Tzortzi (University Hamburg/ Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability) from the SPP-1889 Coordination Office, introduced the girls to the SPP SeaLevel program and its main research objectives, presenting them examples of the various scientific disciplines involved in the program and in sea level research.

Through photos and videos from the SPP-1889 SeaLevel fieldwork and other activities, the girls had the opportunity to find out about the fields of geology, geophysics, oceanography, meteorology, climate modelling, biochemistry, coastal engineering as well as social science disciplines, including geography, anthropology and sociology, the main study objects of each field, as well as the “nature” of the work involved on an everyday basis for each discipline.

In addition to exploring the diverse possibilities of working on sea level research, the young females, aging between 10 and 15 years old, gained also a good insight of how all these scientists work together to approach and address bigger scientific questions and complex phenomena, such as the sea level change and its impacts on and from society.

The 20 girls who participated in the Girls’ Day event at CEN/UHH positively showed their enthusiasm and attention to the SPP-1889 SeaLevel presentation, confirming and reinforcing the efforts of the SPP to continue such activities and keep engaging with the children and teenagers, helping them to discover different career options in earth and social sciences and make the right decision for their future.

The next Girls’ Day is scheduled for 26th March 2020 and the SPP SeaLevel will be there again!  The world needs Science and Science needs Women!

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