Excellent presentation of our young scientist Lisa-Michele Bott at the ISLR18 Conference!

26-29 August 2018, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Our SPP SeaLevel early career scientist Lisa-Michéle Bott (Uni Cologne) from the TRANSOCAP Project won the best oral presentation at the ISLR18 Conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Lisa-Michele Bott (Uni Cologne) from the TRANSOCAP project together with Roelof Rietbroek (Uni Bonn) at the ISLR18 Conference in Utrecht.

The participants of the ISLR18 Conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands (26-29 August, 2018).

The oral presentation of Lisa-Michéle Bott, PhD student at TRANSOCAP project, concerning “Collective adaptation strategies towards floods and subsidence – the cases of Central Java & Jakarta, Indonesia” was awarded as the best oral presentation at the conference.

Early-Career Researchers (ECRs) on the prominent topic of sea level change gathered last week in Utrecht, the Netherlands, for the INQUA-PAGES Conference for ECRs on “Impacts of sea-level rise from past to present (ISLR18)”. The conference aimed to facilitate scientific exchange between ECRs from a broad range of disciplines working with sea-level change.

Our SPP young scientist Lisa-Michele Bott from the TRANSOCAP project participated at the meeting and gave a talk on “Collective adaptation strategies towards floods and subsidence – the cases of Central Java & Jakarta, Indonesia” at the “Mitigation, adaptation and Coastal Impacts” session, winning the first prize as the best oral presentation of the conference. Well done Lisa-Michéle!!

Our colleague Alessio Rovere, Principal Investigator of the SEASchange project also participated at the meeting.

 “The conference in total was very inspiring, highly international and well organized. All in all, the conference was strongly physical science dominated. However, I was surprised to be the only speaker with a social science background. Thus, the focus of my presentation was on providing information from the “human perspective” that could be interesting and relevant to physical science researchers and to show where social and natural science sea-level change researchers could collaborate. In this regard, the experience of collaborating with the SPP SeaLevel CoRSEA project (Tilo Schöne and Julia Illigner) was very helpful.”, says Lisa-Michéle. 

Other session topics included past sea-level changes; recent and future sea-level changes; mitigation, adaptation and coastal impacts and submerged landscapes. The conference also included a day field excursion to the Rhine delta and Holland coastal plain, gaining experience on hand coring.

“Very interesting. I personally learned a lot more about sea level research, different methods, approaches, measurement technical and coastal processes. Background knowledge which for me as a geographer working with social science methods is very helpful to put my results and research into context.”, Lisa-Michéle notices.

The INQUA-PAGES ISLR18 Conference took place between 26-29 August 2018 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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