2nd Annual SPP SeaLevel Meeting

19-21 March 2018, Hamburg

The DFG SPP-1889 “Regional Sea Level Change and Society” (SeaLevel) had an exciting and productive 2nd annual meeting (19th-21st March) at the Institute of Oceanography, CEN, University of Hamburg, bringing together natural and social scientists from 19 projects to present and discuss on their new results and progress, but also next steps.

Prof. Detlef Stammer, the SPP coordinator, opened the meeting the 1st day by giving an overview on the interdisciplinary character of the SPP SeaLevel program on the complex, multi-dimensional sea level research issue.

Science presentations from the SPP community covered new findings on global and regional level changes and extremes in the two study regions of the SPP SeaLevel, namely the Northeast Atlantic with the North and Baltic Seas, and the Southeast Asia and Indonesia region, impacts in these regions, as well as developments on adaptation options and different pathways, decision analysis and governance. 

Moreover, the SPP research scientist Ben Marzeion from the SPP PARSL-Glac project, expert on glaciers, presented results from a new research paper on glacier mass loss, which was just published yesterday in Nature Climate Change.

As a guest speaker, Jason Lowe from Met Office UK, discussed the different aspects and forms that sea level information is needed by a variety of different users for decision making, as well as he talked about sea level rise under 1.5 degree warming, high-end sea level scenarios and associated uncertainties.

The SPP SeaLevel meeting further focused on ways to strengthen and expand exchange of information and interactions among the different disciplines and projects, emphasizing the great benefits of working within such an interdisciplinary scientific community, as well as discussed the future steps of the SPP program and its continuation.  

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