Eos article "Sea Level 2017 Conference Looks to Coastal Sea Level Rise Impact"

Last summer, more than 350 scientists from 42 countries gathered to focus on sea level science as well as on the information that coastal practitioners need for assessing the potential effects of sea level rise and for considering responses.

A new article entitled "Sea Level 2017 Conference Looks to Coastal Sea Level Rise Impact" was recently published at AGU Eos by D. Stammer (CEN/University of Hamburg, Germany), Roderik de Wal (IMAU, Utrecht University, Netherlands), and Robert J. Nicholls (Engineering and Environment/University of Southampton, UK), giving an overview of the conference, its main outcomes and recommendations. 

During the 5-day conference, which was hosted at the Earth Institute of Columbia University, scientists presented the up-to-date research and major advances in sea level, including paleoinformation on sea level, ice sheet dynamics, contemporary sea level change, the coastal zone and sea level, projections of sea level, as well as information needs for coastal adaptation.

The science presented provides unambiguous evidence that sea level is rising and the increase will continue to accelerate unless emissions are mitigated.

Among others, the scientists at the conference recommended a commitment to sustained global and regional sea level observations, accounting for all components of sea level change and making use of both remotely sensed and in situ technologies; open climate model developments to provide high-resolution regional coastal sea level information; improvement of sea level forecasts and projections for planning, early warning, adaptation, and mitigation, which need to extend beyond 2100; development of a stakeholder forum that enables timely and effective information exchange for mitigation of, and adaptation to, sea level change; as well as development of policies and regulatory frameworks for impact and adaptation assessments for all vulnerable coastal areas, such as major cities, deltas, and islands.

The original article cited as Stammer, D., R. van de Wal, and R. J. Nicholls (2018), Sea level 2017 conference looks to coastal sea level rise impact, Eos, 99, https://doi.org/10.1029/2018EO090093 , can be read here.

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