SPP Social Sciences Postdoc Networking Day at ZMT, Bremen

The participants of the meeting: Lisa-Michèle Bott (Uni-Köln) from the TRANSOCAP project, Susann Adloff (Uni-Kiel), Arne Hennig (Uni-Hamburg) and Gabriel David (Uni-Hannover) from the DICES project, Eleni Tzortzi (CEN/Uni-Hamburg) from the SPP Coordination Office, Johannes Herbeck (Uni-Bremen) and Rapti Siriwardane (ZMT-Bremen) from the EMERSA project.

Early career scientists from three social science-related projects of the SPP SeaLevel, namely the DICES, EMERSA and TRANSOCAP, came together to a fruitful gathering at the Leibniz-Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) in Bremen to discuss new findings of their research, exchange information and strengthen their interaction and network. 

The one-day meeting, which took place last Friday 1st December 2017 in Bremen, entailed seven cross-disciplinary doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, who had the opportunity to present their individual projects and recent results, and discuss key findings, together with strengths and challenges encountered during their recent fieldwork.

The roundtable also served as a platform for mapping diverse thematic, conceptual and methodological commonalities and complementary differences between the three projects that are involved within the working packages B and C.

Moreover, together with Eleni Tzortzi from the SPP 1889 coordination office, the participants discussed among others, the content and organisational ideas for the forthcoming SPP Early Career Researchers´meeting which is planned for March 2018 in Hamburg. 

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