SPP-1889 Young Researchers at the Sea Level Summer School at TU Delft

Patrick Wagner (GEOMAR) presented a poster with his PhD research work, as part of the IndoArchipel project.

Matthias Willen (TU Dresden), PhD student within the OMCG project.

Last week, our PhD students Patrick Wagner (GEOMAR) from the IndoArchipel project and Matthias Willen (TU Dresden) from the OMCG project, together with the postdoc researcher Eleni Tzortzi, participated at the 1-week Summer School on "Sea-level change: observations, processes and modelling" in Delft, Netherlands.

The summer school, which took place between 28th August-1st September at the Technical University Delft, consisted of lectures and computer practicals on different aspects of sea level research, such as the sea level record, contributions from the solid earth, glaciers and ice sheets and the ocean, as well as tools to measure and project sea level change. 

During the poster session, Patrick and Matthias had the opportunity to present and discuss their individual PhD research work within their projects, and develop their professional network, while Eleni Tzortzi, coordination assistant of the SPP-1889, gave also an overview of the SPP program as a whole, the different working packages, their interaction and main objectives, attracting a great interest about the program from the participants.

The school attendees also visited Sand Motor of the Delfland Coast, North Sea, to find out more about its construction for coastal protection purposes in the region, and how the beach has been developed and modified the last 5 years since the sediment mega-nourishment operation completed in the area.