First Annual Meeting of the SPP-1889 SeaLevel

The DFG SPP-1889 "Regional Sea Level Change and Society" (SeaLevel) had a well-attended and successful fist annual meeting last week (22nd -23rd June) at the Institute of Oceanography, CEN, University of Hamburg, bringing together scientists from the natural and physical sciences to discuss an interdisciplinary approach on the topic of sea level change and its impacts on society. Members of 20 different projects constituting the SPP "SeaLevel" program from 23 German Universities and Research Institutes had the opportunity to meet each other and communicate, interact and energize the SPP program.  

Over 75 scientists of the SPP community representing disciplines, such as physical oceanography, geophysics, geodesy, hydrology, marine geology, coastal engineering, geography, sociology, economics and environmental management, overviewed the objectives of the SPP program, discussed the terminology, as well as the challenges and ways for a successful interdisciplinary coordination, efficient communication and exchange of information between the different projects. Short- and longer-term goals and courses of action were discussed and determined. One focus of the meeting was put on the early career scientists (ECS) and PhD students of the SPP community, their particular needs and desires and how the SPP program can support them best.

Guest speakers included world-experts on sea level research, particularly Prof. R. Nicholls from the University of Southampton (UK), who gave a talk on "Climate change and sea-level rise: impact and adaptation on the coast", as part also of the weekly Klima Campus Hamburg Colloquium (KLICK), and Dr. Anny Cazenave from LEGOS/CNES (France) who presented the up-to-date sea level research from altimetry observations. ECS and female researchers of the SPP-1889 Program had also the opportunity to discuss with Dr. Cazenave as a role-model on a successful balance between personal life and pursuing a research career and get further inspired. Freelance journalist N. Ehrenberg offered an insight into science communication with the Media on the urgent topic of sea level. The meeting agenda also covered other Outreach aspects of the SPP program and the Gender Equality, providing thus a comprehensive view of the different aspects of the DFG SPP program.