Continuing Quality Research on Regional Sea Level Change and its Impacts on Society

The outcome of the SPP-1889 SeaLevel Evaluation process

The research Priority Program SPP-1889 SeaLevel is granted another round of project to continue its innovative and interdisciplinary research on regional sea level change and its influence and consequences on our population as well as the anthropogenic-driven impact on this delicate balance. The approval of the 2nd funding phase of the SPP SeaLevel and thus, its 3-year further duration, has been now officially announced by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The SPP SeaLevel started in 2016 with interdisciplinary research, leading to the publication of many important results on sea level change and its impacts on and from society.

The program will enter its 2nd funding phase in July 2019. Newly funded projects will deepen our understanding on the contributions of physical processes and anthropogenic causes to global and regional sea level changes, the regional biophysical and societal impacts in Northern Europe and South East Asia/Indonesia as well as the adaptation, decision analysis and governance dynamics that lead and govern the social dimension of this urgent environmental issue of sea level rise.

As before, natural and social scientists from over 20 German Universities and Institutions will participate, bringing into synergy a range of modern methodologies and approaches together with observations and models from the natural and social science fields to better address the impacts of regional sea level change and the human-environment interactions at the coast.

The program will continue to be coordinated by Prof. Detlef Stammer (University of Hamburg/Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN)).



Prof. Detlef Stammer
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Dr. Eleni Tzortzi

Institute of Oceanography

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