Topic IV: Coastal sea level information

  • Providing reliable uncertainties for coastal sea level predictions and projections especially for the selected regions, including those for ice sheets and glacier projections; model uncertainties; missing processes; scenario uncertainties; internal variability
  • Analyzing present-day vertical land motion and their incorporation in the interpretation of regional sea level trends and mass redistribution; Correcting models for other processes contributing to regional land motion like groundwater and hydrocarbon extraction, sediment compaction, volcanism and tectonics.
  • Communicating results from SeaLevel to use by respective coastal communities; Transitioning sea level variability and uncertainties from regional to local coastal scale, probabilistic information and return-period from combined effects of sea level rise and changes in extremes (e.g., storm surges).
  • Downscaling full sea level uncertainty information and upper bound of sea level projections available from WP Ato selected coastal locations; Using a multi-method approach to extreme-value sea level statistics.


The work program is structured in four basic topics; work within each topic is expected to be addressed by several working groups as part of the SPP.

Topic I

Coastal sea level projections

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Topic II

Feedback with extreme events and morphodynamics

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Topic III

Sea level - ice sheet interaction

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Topic IV

Coastal sea level information

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