Topic I: Coastal Sea Level Projections

  • Assessing processes contributing to coastal sea level changes; understanding the role of coastal and ocean interior processes on local sea level; understanding deviations between sea level trends in deep ocean and coastal regions due to shelf dynamics and effects of mass loading and self-attraction
  • Downscaling sea level projections for coastal locations, thereby quantifying ocean dynamic processes which show relevant impact to coastal sea level; reduction of uncertainties of coastal sea level projections by improving the description or parameterization of relevant processes in models determining limits of predictability of sea level as function of space and time scale and the role of changing climate modes.
  • Improving the observational altimetric/tide gauge records (also toward the coast) through reanalysis and homogenization efforts


The work program is structured in four basic topics; work within each topic is expected to be addressed by several working groups as part of the SPP.

Topic I

Coastal sea level projections

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Topic II

Feedback with extreme events and morphodynamics

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Topic III

Sea level - ice sheet interaction

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Topic IV

Coastal sea level information

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