Topic II: Historic sea level estimates (paleo time scale)

  • Performing an integrated approach to past sea level change by combining effects of ice sheet dynamics, ocean dynamics and feedbacks with the solid earth; assessing processes involved in past ice sheet changes, including sea level-ice sheet feedback.
  • Investigating self-consistent interactions between the models of ice, land, ocean, and atmosphere, including ice and sea level histories over Holocene; generating a consistent sea level budget for different time periods.
  • Refining regional earth structure by assessing lateral heterogeneities and non-Newtonian rheology affecting the loading response, considering sedimentary loading and compaction.


The work program of SeaLevelis structured in four basic topics, which are addressed by several working groups: 

Topic I

Origin of regional sea level changes at decadal-to-centennial time scale

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Topic II

Historic sea level estimates (paleo time scale)

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Topic III

Sea level projections

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Topic IV

Observations and calibrated reconstructions

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