Wir bitten alle möglichen Antragssteller um die Zusendung einer kurzen Zusammenfassung (Abstract) ihrer Anträge bis zum 15. September 2015 an Opens window for sending emailMeike...

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The DFG decided which projects will be funded through the first phase of the SPP. Have a look which projects are working on sea level changes in the...

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The review of the SPP wil be held in Hamburg from March, 2.-4. 2016.

Information will be distributed to the applicants soon.

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Over 60 people attended the DFG Rundgespräch for the SPP SeaLevel last week in Hamburg.

We want to thank all participants of the DFG Rundgespräch...

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The DFG just send out the official call for proposals for the SPP SeaLevel.

> Download press release (German only)

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On 16.-17. July, the DFG Rundgespräch about the SPP SeaLevel is held at the Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN) in Hamburg.


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