Work Program

SeaLevel is organized along three work packages, which differ in their spatial scale, geographic foci but also with respect to the required participation of natural or social sciences. As indicated in the schematic, all work packages are concerned with providing sea level information at coastal locations and studying the interactions between sea level changes and coastal societies, and interact with each other. 

Although the focus of the research is on future decadal sea level changes, some aspects concerned with identifying relevant processes from past observations and documentations in geological records, require looking backward in time to understand potential future processes.

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WP A analyzes the mechanisms of sea level variability, focusing primarily on processes leading to spatially highly inhomogeneous patterns of regional seal level change on time scales of up to 50 years.

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WP B is concerned with the establishment of a scientific basis for obtaining reliable local projections of sea level trends. It contributes towards improved quantitative and detailed (high-resolution and high-end) estimates of future coastal sea level changes in the two study regions.

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WP C performs an integrated analysis of sea level change and human-environment interactions in the selected study regions, aiming to identify sea level stressors, coastal impacts, adaption pathways and policies for the studied regions.

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