Topic I: Origin of regional sea level changes at decadal-to-centennial time scale

  • Quantifying of natural variability using observations and calibrated reconstructions; determining the role of climate modes (e.g., ENSO, IOD, PDO, SAM, NAO, AMO) and internal variability in general on sea level; quantification of the role of ocean circulation in shaping regional sea level changes; assessing the relative role of internal climate variability.
  • Investigating of the causes of contemporary global and regional sea level change in the cryosphere, the atmosphere, and the ocean as well as in the terrestrial hydrological cycle; separating natural variability from anthropogenic forcing; attribution of regional sea level change to natural (e.g., solar, volcanic) and anthropogenic (e.g., tropospheric aerosols, greenhouse gases) radiative forcing agents.
  • Assessing the role of the cryospheric and terrestrial water cycle in shaping regional sea level; understanding and reducing uncertainties in mass and steric contributions to contemporary sea level budgets at global, regional and local spatial scales.


The work program will be structured in four basic topics; work within each topic is expected to be addressed by several working groups as part of the SPP.

Topic I

Origin of regional sea level changes at decadal-to-centennial time scale

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Topic II

Historic sea level estimates (paleo time scale)

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Topic III

Sea level projections

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Topic IV

Observations and calibrated reconstructions

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