SPP 1889 - Regional Sea Level Change and Society

Understanding regional sea level change and its impacts on societies requires new forms of integrated research between natural and social scientists from a wide range of disciplines. To this end the Priority Program (SPP) ‘Regional Sea Level Change and Society (SeaLevel)’ is proposed to advance the understanding of regional climate-related coastal sea level change and its interactions with socio-economic developments. Work will focus on two study regions, notably the North and Baltic Seas with potential impacts on Germany and the South-East Asia region encompassing several coastal mega cities and delta regions. The selected regions contrast developed and developing countries and thus differ fundamentally in their regional societal impact of and adaptation potential to sea level change. Developing successful strategies to cope with sea level change in these two regions largely depends on advancing our understanding of processes influencing regional sea level, on available scientific information on sea level change at the coastlines and their uncertainty, on available resources and economic power, and on adequate planning and effective local governance structures.

As its central scientific objective, SeaLevel aims to perform an integrated analysis of climaterelated sea level change and associated coastal human-environment interactions with a focus on two study regions: the North and Baltic Seas and the Island States of South-East Asia. These regions have been chosen to understand how coastal vulnerability and sea level rise response strategies vary in distinctly different cultural, political and socio-economic contexts, taking into account also social aspect of sea level rise impacts on Asian coastal megacities.

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Last week, over 350 world experts from 41 countries, including top scientists, city planners, coastal zone developers and managers, and other...

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The DFG SPP-1889 "Regional Sea Level Change and Society" (SeaLevel) had a well-attended and successful fist annual meeting last week (22nd -23rd June)...

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Last week, the SPP-1889 SeaLevel program was presented in Vienna, Austria during the one week conference of the European Geophysical Union (EGU)...

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Work Program

A general overview about the work program and the possibility to download the full proposal is given
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